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1 Jan - 31 Dec
Category: Group activity
Come and experience farmed fish close up, control underwater camera and and participate in the feeding of fish.
Norsk Havbrukssenter AS - come and experience farmed fish close up!

Not bookable online

Category: Art for sale
Welcome to an artist`s studio situated in a distinctive old wharfside building by the river, at Sjøgata 29A.
Atelier Marit K. Skog

Category: Sights
This cruciform Neo-Gothic church was built in 1870.
Brønnøy Church

Mo i Rana
Category: Caving
Grønligrotta is one of the largest and most visited caves in the Nordic region.
Grønligrotta Cave

Category: Activities, Attractions, Museum
In Hattfjelldal you will encounter the life and history of the "mountain people".
Helgeland Museum avd Hattfjelldal


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Category: Museum
Hemnes museum offers three museum experiences at three different locations.
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Category: Museum
Grønsvik Fort is a german coastal fortification from world War 2.
Helgeland Museum avd. Lurøy - Grønsvik Fort


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Category: Museum
Nesna Museum features exhibitions about costal culture, agriculture, trade, handicrafts and household.
Helgeland Museum avd. Nesna

Mo i Rana

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Category: Museum
Rana Museum - Where culture meets nature
Helgeland Museum avd. Rana

Mo i Rana
Category: Museum
Bredek mountain farm is an open air museum situated by the foot of Saltfjellet/Svartisen national park, about one hour's walk from E6 at Bjøllånes.
Helgeland Museum avd. Rana - Bredek open air museum

Mo i Rana

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Category: Museum
Open air museum in Mo I Rana
Helgeland Museum avd. Rana - Stenneset Open Air museum

Category: Museum
The museum at Bindal consists of an old croft, with buildings, furnishings and equipment still intact.
Helgeland Museum Bindal

Category: Museum
Laksforsen nature- and culture gallery tells the story of the river Vefsna, about the use and recreation at onre of Norway's most amazing waterfalls.
Helgeland Museum department Grane

Category: Museum
Discover historical exhibitions on the Museum's own wharf, Jakobsenbrygga.
Helgeland Museum department Vefsn (Mosjøen)

Category: Museum
Helgeland Museum Sømna comprises 12 carefully restored buildings.
Helgeland Museum Sømna

Category: Museum
The world’s only Eider Duck Museum (E-huset).
Helgeland Museum Vega

Category: Museum
This museum, which opened in 1953, comprises a collection of old buildnings from Velfjord, and exhibits of numerous Sami objects.
Helgeland Museum Velfjord - A Rural Museum

Category: Museum
The folk museum at Vevelstad comprises ten buildings and an extensive collection of utilitarian objects from the district.
Helgeland Museum Vevelstad - A Folk Museum

Category: Attractions, Sights, Museum
Dønna Museum is situated at Nordvika Old Trading Post
Helgeland Musuem Dønna

Category: Boat sightseeing
How would you like a boat trip through the beautiful costal scenery of Helgeland, on board a classic passenger boat from the 1960s?

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