Øyfjellgrotta - a cave adventure near Mosjøen

Address: Mosjøen Show map

Address: Mosjøen

Øyfjellgrotta is a 500 meter long limestone cave in a mountain that towers over the scenic town of Mosjøen. The experienced guides of Naturlige Helgeland invite you to book an unforgettable tour of the cave.

For most tourists, cave exploration, sometimes called spelunking, is a new adventure. Fortunately, Øyfjellgrotta is easily accessible and only slightly demanding. With a little bit of crawling – and after squeezing through some narrow spots – you can see an underground river (dry in the summer) and many other underground wonders.

The cave is a short walk from the nearby parking lot, with a steep climb to the cave entrance. The guides will equip you with coveralls, gloves, helmet and headlamp. Your tour takes about three hours. Øyfjellgrotta is an exotic opportunity to understand how natural forces have carved caves through the eons. It’s an unforgettable adventure!

Guided tours can be booked through Naturlige Helgeland.

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    +47 957 43 930 eller 989 01 249
  • Phone number
    +47 957 43 930 eller 989 01 249
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    Anita Sommerset eller Merethe Kvandal
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