Lånan and Lille Lånan

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Address: Nes, 8980 Vega

While in the Vega archipelago, we recommend you visit Lille Lånan, an exhibition created by the eider-duck guardians of Lånan, the largest of Vega’s manmade nesting sites. Every year the islanders protect the migrating eider ducks, and gather valuable down after the nesting season.

The exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the work of the islanders who come to Lånan every April, and are busy working as bird guardians until August. You will learn much about the islanders’ history and traditions, and about what life was like in the past.

The exhibition Lille Lånan, situated at Nes, is open 10:30am–5pm daily throughout the summer. Free admission. Books, eider-down products and other items are offered for sale.

Experience Lånan – an eider duck nesting colony
Lånan is the largest of the manmade eider duck nesting sites in the Vega archipelago. Here, an ancient tradition is still honoured. During the summer, you have a unique opportunity to visit the realm of the eider ducks, experience first-hand the work of the bird guardians, and learn the story of their tradition.

The bird guardians
Every April, the bird guardians travel to Lånan to prepare nests for the eider ducks. Throughout May and June, Lånan hosts around 700 birds, and the bird guardians protect them from danger during the nesting season. In return, the birds return to Lånan year after year, giving the guardians the highly-prized eider down, and eggs.

Eider down
Once the eider ducks with fledglings have left the nests, the bird guardians harvest the down. It is then carefully cleaned by hand. This amazing down is used for exclusive eiderdown comforters and mittens.

Boat trips from Vega to Lånan
During the summer, Visit Vega offer boat trips to Lånan twice a week, departing from Nes at 2:30pm on every Tuesday and Friday. At Lånan you will be greeted by the bird guardians, who will take you on a guided tour of this realm of the eider duck. Afterwards, food and coffee are waiting in the barn, where there is a museum and a photo exhibition. Duration: 4 hours.
For booking, and detailed information on dates and prices, please visit: http://lanan.no/battur-til-lanan/

Experience the eider ducks during their nesting season
Between 1 June and 1 July, when 500–1000 eider ducks are nesting on Lånan, they are protected and visits to the island are only allowed in the company of a bird guardian. Such an eider duck safari with one of the guardians includes a guided tour of Lånan, and a unique opportunity to get close to the birds without disturbing them. The trip can be rounded off with coffee and traditional lefse in the home of the bird guardian. Duration: 2 hours.

The Lånan Safari
By the 1st of July, most of the nesting eider ducks and a new generation of fledglings have migrated from Lånan, and people can once again move freely on the island. It is high season for visits, and Visit Vega offers two boat trips per week. You may also visit on your own and receive a guided tour of the island, and hear more about Lånan’s history and the work of bird guardians. Included is a visit to the exhibition in the barn. You may also request to have coffee and lefse at home with one of the bird guardians. Period: 1 July – 1 August. For booking, please contact hildegunn@lanan.no or call tel. +47 452 72 654.

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    Period: 1 July – 1 August. For booking, please contact hildegunn@lanan.no or call tel. +47 452 72 654.

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