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Address: Øverbygdsvegen 2076, 2651 Østre Gausdal Show map

Address: Øverbygdsvegen 2076, 2651 Østre Gausdal

Rocks & Rivers is based in Northern-Norway. Surrounded by majestic
nature, with high mountains, fjords and glaciers we are located just above the arctic circle in Engavågen. They are mountain enthusiasts who
love real adventures, with ski´s, mountain boots, climbing shoes or
crampons on their feet.

Join them, in seeking out the challenges, finding the road less
travelled, and exploring new places, both locally and globally.
Ascending high mountains, paddling the coast in a kayak, climbing a

The backcountry is an ideal setting for a unique, experiential
education and allows the freedom to truly learn, and put into
practice, many useful lessons.

Adventure is waiting. Whether it is on your holidays, or in a
training situation to better teamwork in your business, they have a
unique skill set that they can offer and they desire to see those skills
put to use, both in developing nations and in our local area.

Discover an icy wasteland, full of beauty. Get the feeling of
exploring new territory as you wander over the blue glacier ice of
Svartisen. Once you are equipped with the essentials of a rope, axe
and crampons you can safely enjoy the experience. Rocks & Rivers provide
experienced guides and all of the equipment you need to be able to
safely explore the glacier. On their guided glacier trips you do not
have to do everything alone. Their trips are about working together,
getting out of your comfort zone and having fun!
Our access point to the glacier is the lowest of any of the European
mainland, at about 100 meters above sea level. These surroundings are
perfect for a range of activities. We have several trips and
difficulty levels to choose from: daily glacier trips in the season
(with enough participants), ice climbing on a top-rope, and glacier courses (on demand).

Think of Northern Norway and you probably conjure up images of deep
fjords, clean water and mountains rising from the sea. The rugged
archipelago beneath the Svartisen glacier invites you to paddle
amongst some of the 18,000 islands.

Beginners and advanced kayakers will love this landscape and the
endless variation.
These surroundings are perfect for a range of guided kayak activities.
We have several trips, courses and difficulty levels to choose from:
kayaking in the midnight sun, day trips and multi-day trips. In
addition to our kayak trips, Rocks & Rivers offer the opportunity to become
qualified with a globally recognised kayaking certificate. We run a number of courses and workshops to suit your needs including
EPP/BCU/NPF kayak courses level 1 and 2 and a kayak safety course.
With varying durations and intensity levels you are sure to find
something that will fit.

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