Nevernes Harbour

Address: Nevernes, 8960 Velfjord Show map

Address: Nevernes, 8960 Velfjord

Nevernes is an exciting place for anyone interested in art, culture and history.

The exciting centre exhibits varied art and yields many insights into the old coastal culture. Here, for instance, are fishing boats and fishing gear, the remains of an old whaling ship, and an old house from Brattås that was moved and rebuilt here, complete with all its fixtures and furnishings. In addition, Nevernes displays a collection of works by artists past and present, as well as photos as well and an informative video film about Lomsdalen-Visten National Park. Just 3 min away, Nevernes Gaard boasts one of Norway’s largest private collections of World War II memorabilia.
In the summer, mini-golf is popular and nearby. Nevernes Havn offers accommodation at Vassenget, idyllically situated by Storvatnet lake, a five-minute drive from the harbour.

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    15 June – 10 August, 1–4pm on Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun. Sale of coffee and cakes, beer and wine.

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