strandli Gård

Location: Grane
Fiplingdal, 8680 Trofors (show map)

Strandli Gård is a farm located in the beautiful Fiplingdal in Grane municipality.

the farm offers not only accommodation but meals and a farm shop as well. You can stay in the lovely Tømmerstua, whicj is an old farmhouse that houses the restaurant with seating for 32 guests, as well as five beautiful guest bedrooms with 2 beds in each room. From the farm there are panoramic view of the imposing Børgefjell National Park and the lake Fiplingvatn. In these natural and scenic surroundings there are rich opportunities for hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. Please note that due to high demand these rooms are only rented out by pre-ordering.

In the farm shop you can buy, among others things, great cheeses from the farm own dairy; like Bæråscammen (camembert) and Golvertind (blue cheese).

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0047 472 37 246
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