Korgfjellet Kro og Motell

Standort: Hemnes
Korgen, 9656 Korgen (Karte anzeigen)

Korgfjellet Kro og Motell is situated on top of Korgen mountain, 555 metres above sea level. This place offers a great panorama view towards the Okstindan and Svartisen glacier, and this is the only place along the road where the entire Okstindan mountain range can be seen.

This is a perfect and very popular starting point for hiking, skiing and fishing trips, and the area has a beautiful nature. Obviously, nothing increases the appetite more than fresh mountain air and a beautiful nature.

Korgfjellet Kro og Motell is well known for their large and good portions of traditional Norwegian food. You can therefore enjoy good food here, and the restaurant offers seatings inside as well as outside.


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+47 75 17 01 50


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