Vassås Kirke

Adresse: Vassås , 7980 Bindal Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Vassås , 7980 Bindal

Achteckige Kreuzkirche von 1733.

Die Kirche wurde mehrmals restauriert, zuletzt im Jahr 1983.
Die Kirche ist ein denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude.

Für Führungen, wenden Sie Bindal Gemeinde an Tel. 75032500.

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Holiday homes

Amtmannstua Holiday Home

Entfernung: 25,2 km
Amtmannstua is an authentic timber house from the year 1800. The house is situated 1,2 kilometers from FV17, Kystriksveien, in Sømna. Upon booking, the house will be booked as one unit (1 room), minimum 3 days, maximum 12 people. Living in an old house like Amtmannsstua is an experience in itself, but there are also many other possibilities for activities and experiences. Bicycles are included in the rent.

Sømna Kro & Guesthouse

Entfernung: 26,5 km
Sømna Kro & Gjestegård is situated on the Helgeland coast, and has 53 beds in 38 rooms. All rooms are adapted for wheelchairs, adn suitable for allergy sufferers, and all have bathrooms with showers. All rooms have TVs.