Polar Circle safari Træna

Adresse: Rangsund, 8196 Selsøyvik Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Rangsund, 8196 Selsøyvik

Experience the land of the Polar circle from the innermost fjord to the outermost island!

The tours are arranged by Polarcirkelen Båttransport AS

Paradise does not have to be in the tropics. Træna is a proof of that. Here there are mountains and sea, lots of fish and different birds-weather and bad weather, sometimes silence, sometimes great drama.
The archipelago is 33 nautical miles (about 65km) from the Helgeland coast, on the edge of the Great Sea. The polar circle cuts right through the islands, which means that the midnight sun can be seen from late May to mid July. In winter it is not rare that the northern lights are playing in the sky.

Lunch can be bought for a surcharge of kr. 250, -
Dinner kr. 450, - but then it must be notified no later than 2 days before.
Passengers can be picked up from Selsøyvik on the trip to Tonnes without additional charges. Please let me know by the day before.

Possibility of buying simple refreshments on board.

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Price adult: 1 295,-
Price child u/12 yrs: 800,-

Polarcirkelen Båttransport AS
Telefon: 911 11 743 / 977 89 880 / 970 13 910

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Lovund Hotel

Entfernung: 18,6 km
Lovund is one of Norway's most vibrant island communities, beautifully located on the outskirts of the Helgeland coast. Take your time to experience one of Helgeland's best cuisine, hotel rooms and cabins with a great view sea ​​and sunset, varied scenery with many hiking options and a strong business community - all colored and developed by the people who live here.